My name is Nathan Rodriguez.

I was born and raised on the east-side of Los Angeles, CA. Growing up my passions were athletics; specifically baseball. However, in an effort to challenge myself in high school, I set out on a four year wrestling stint, where, through hard word and dedication, I won multiple tournament championships and and was two-time league runner-up.

After high school, I enlisted in the US Air Force as a Network Engineer. During my time I mastered telecommunications concepts which allowed me to build ready-to-deploy secure communications packages, restore critical network failures, and lead upgrade/install projects for several intelligence agencies. Through the Air Force, I developed and sharpened problem solving, presentation, and leadership skills; all supported by numerous awards and rapid promotions.

Inspired by the  analytical methods in Michael Lewis’ Moneyball, I requested and was granted an honorable discharge to pursue an economics and mathematics course of study at Texas Tech University.

Currently, I’m nearing completion of a graduate program in Applied Statistics at California State University, Long Beach. My coursework has allowed me to master statistical and machine learning concepts that are used daily in various industries.

Thus, combining hard work, leadership, and analytical knowledge, I am motivated to apply advanced data-driven methods to discover value and optimize business processes.